Ducks remind us to move and glide through the surface of life with grace and poise. Though water is full of mysteries and unknown we can always see a duck full with glamour as it dances through the water. They completely submerged their heads and drink all the water they can get just to relinquish its thirst.  We should also do the same thing and consume everything that is happening to our life and gain knowledge from it. Often associated with female intuition due to their connection with the water spirit.  We are often wondering why most of the times woman’s intuition is almost a hundred percent accurate.  A mother would know it if something bad is happening to her child, even though she is not seeing it.


Sculptural Felt: Reclaimed hatmakers felt, wood,
metal, acrylics, vintage documents, and pastels

16” x 26” x 2” (frame)
19” x 26” x 2” (overall)

GRACE & INTUITION • Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

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